Sales Advisors Learning Lab

Apprenticeship to become an Automotive Sales Advisor 
Learning Lab sets new standards


Behaviour training, as close to reality as never before

A&P has developed a new innovative type of Sales Advisor Apprenticeship. It includes two trainers, behaviour training with a permanent video recording and analysis, role play with real cars in the learning lab, entry and exit knowledge tests for transfer assurance – just to mention a few details. The principle of „contextual learning“ states that knowledge contents are not mediated until required by the situation.



Playful learning

A new type of business game is used during the course of this apprenticeship during which the participants playfully learn various sales processes, as well as the professional customer approach.


Monopoly as template - 'A player draws a potential customer card. If he does not react with an investment card, he loses the potential customer and is fined with a massive loss of points. Now the next player has a chance at the potential customer. The player who reacts correctly can count on receiving future profits during the course of the game'.





Key points

Duration of apprenticeship: 7 months at 7 weeks 

Mid-term exam

One year practical phase with

performance checks (Mystery Shopping)

Final exam and certification


Project Management

Maren Reuter