Business Moderation

Your company has the 
complete know-how


How effective are your workshops?

You have numerous internal workshops and meetings but you are not satisfied with the outcome. These workshops are often led by the executive managers, reflect modest preparation and structure and no regard for the rules of moderation. Furthermore, these workshops usually lack a certain approach.


Retrieving all that a person is capable of!

A professional moderator makes the necessary preparation (tasks for participants), leads the workshop group to concentrate on the objective, ensures that rules are followed and observes that ideas and contributions from all participants are included. The professional moderator concentrates on the correct methods and group processes and not solely on content matter. Technically, the moderator is neutral. This gives him the specific capability to act. The expertise of the professional moderator lies in the methodical competence, the capability to ask the right questions and to generate all existing knowledge.





The process of moderation



Collecting ideas

Structuring, evaluating and determining the rights ideas

Risk assessment – Evaluating the implementation

Project plan

Agreement and conclusion