Carreer development

Horizontal career development as measure to increase employer appeal 


It is a narrow path that leads to the top


Employees need attractive perspectives for their future. Yet, the career opportunities are often limited. Some are limited because of qualification requirements (not every sales advisor is suited to be a sales manager) and others because of a limited number of management positions.

One possibility could be a horizontal career featuring the qualification as expert.

A&P has developed several concepts – expert paths – which display numerous interesting career opportunities, specifically for automotive sales advisors. The predefined topics include technical expertise, fleet sales, VIP customer advisor or infotainment. The professionalization of these topics is also a challenge for the company. As such, infotainment car systems are becoming ever more complex. And, there are very few sales advisors who can explain the extensive range of these systems with expertise. Should a sales advisor decide to have himself trained to be an expert, both he and the company would benefit.






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Maren Reuter