Inside out

Invitation to a

change of perspective


Customers buy solutions for problems together with a good feeling


A&P has processed the most recent perceptions regarding service innovation and customer delight into a modern seminar which combines interactive learning methods with the required knowledge transfer. Inside-Out consciously combines internal business strategies and history with innovative suggestions for the development of an individual personality structure for the tasks to be performed in the company. Inside-Out promotes this change of perspective and is the basis for an open exchange. It offers methods with a practical orientation which are easy to transfer into a daily routine as well as to integrate into the core processes of commerce and trade.



Developing positive and delightful moments for customers


The seminar is made up of four consecutively designed subject blocks. With the help of a specifically developed questionnaire the participants analyze and reflect upon their personal profile which identifies them with the company, the product and the brand. Consequently, and from the customers’ perspective, the participants learn what a difference modern service orientation can make and discover how delight feels like. In order to obtain “positive moments” with the customer, Inside Out introduces methods that create a positive atmosphere during the conversation with the customer, perceive customer needs empathically and create surprisingly memorable moments for the customer with the help of creativity and authenticity.







Sales advisors

Service advisors

Retail personnel with customer contact



4 Days


Project Management

Yvonne Mattes