Quality Programme – an advisory concept that is an individual design for a company. 


How is "Quality-Programme" implemented?

It all begins with an extensive analysis of the entire company. We first compile the key figures and then the energies and weaknesses, as seen by the employees. The analysis is concluded by a SWOT diagnosis by the management team.


The consultants remain in close contact with the company during their surveys. Upon completion of the extensive and holistic analysis an evaluation of the results will follow and finally the definition of the fields of action.


These fields of action are further developed under the methodical and professional guidance of the consultants.


The methods

Business Consulting in the areas of:

Corporate Culture

Process Management

Employee Leadership


Corporate Finance


KPI Desk Research & Benchmarking

Employee Questionnaire

SWOT Analysis


The target group

Management of a commercial automotive 



The duration

Up to one year depending upon the advisory requirements