An overview of our

reference projects.


The reference projects listed here all reflect concepts that we have implemented for our customers. Should you wish to receive more detailed information to one or more of these, we will be pleased to forward your request to our customers in order to ask for their consent to provide you with this information.


Our customers

The reference list shows that A&P has a strong concentration in the automotive branch. Our customers include manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers. Our know-how lies in our methodical competence and applies to many sectors. The knowledge of the industry and its structures is very extensive.


Experience with large scale projects

A&P has already completed numerous large scale projects for their customers. This has enabled us to obtain a vast amount of experience as a leading agency. It also included the development of vital concepts as well as international agency search/selection, national adaptation processes, roll-out planning and overall supervision. The success evaluation of the implemented projects is another specialty we have developed.





Volkswagen AG

AUDI AG Ingolstadt

Audi Importers from Japan, France, Australia, India, 

South Africa, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, 

Spain, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, 

Germanland, Greece, Mexico, 

Canada, USA, Brasil, Russia, 

Ukraine, Sweden, Baltic Countries


Audi Academy Germany


Audi Retail Gesellschaft Germany


Porsche Austria

Audi Brand

Weltauto Brand

SEAT Brand

Volkswagen Brand and commercial vehicles 


Porsche Ukraine

Porsche Rumania

AMAG Switzerland