The brand makes the difference


Brand performance as criteria for success  

A strong brand, characterized by a clearly defined value concept is the base for a strong brand performance. Yet a brand thrives on a consequent and rigid realization. This realization can be relatively well planned in the areas of Corporate Identity and Corporate Design. It becomes more difficult when employees should experience „brand related“ behaviour.


The human being as success factor

"People make the brand" – this is a well known and recognized principle. The brand is the core element of the business culture and can, as such, only be „cultivated“. This is also the central objective of A&P's concept on „Brand Performance“. The concept is focused on the „processing“ of the brand values in a defined behaviour. This difficult process ranges from the central brand understanding up to the brand related behaviour, internal/external communication, leadership and finally brand influence in processing and structure. 


The method

Value Analysis

Brand Processing

Behaviour Training

Leadership Coaching

Measuring- und Monitoring Systems